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Monday, February 21, 2011

SEERSHIP, an overview

Click HERE to download a printable PDF file of this outline...
A)    Types of Seership
1)     Naturally Gifted Seer (NGS)
(a)   “Gifted with The Sight”
(b)   sight comes unanticipated / unexpected
(c)    must learn to “see” on-command
(d)   must learn to use tribal/traditional method(s)
2)     Trained Seer
(a)   Acquires skill with learning and practice
(b)   is trained on tribal/traditional method(s)
B)    The Role of the Seer
1)     a non-public Seer
2)     a public “Reader”  (free or “commercial”)
3)     a Seer-Priest: a liturgical functionary for the tribe 

A)    SORTILEGE  (“sorting-through” -reading a pattern in a set of randomized symbols)
1)     Cartomancy
(a)   Tarot
(b)   Playing cards   (when based on a traditional system, therefore as  “symbols”)
(c)    Symbol card-sets
2)     Runes
3)     Ogham      (a new application: not anciently used for divination)
4)     Bibliomancy ( pulling random tracts of text )
(a)   I Ching
(b)   “Pinning” a holy-book 
1)     Fire/ Smoke/ Ashes Scrying
2)     Water / Cauldron Scrying
3)     Crystallomancy: crystal ball
4)     Haurispcy (entrails) –but “sortilege” if using a set of traditional symbols for a base...
C)    OMEN-TAKING (seership through “found” impressions)
1)     Nature spirit-omens: flight of birds, etc.
2)     Weather omens: Cloud-reading, etc.
3)     Synchronicity: reading patterns in the sequence of events
D)    SHAMANIC            Note: “shamans” are, by definition, servants of their community...
1)     Oracular / Trance-possession
2)     Spirit-World journeying – Spirit-guide conversation
3)     Dream-interpretation  (when in an active mode – ritually set up to dream ‘with intention”) 


A)    The “OMEN” in ADF’s Orthodox Liturgy

1)     Were the offerings accepted / pleasing?  Are more being requested?
2)     The Deitys’ pronouncement 

B)    The “OMEN” in the Sassafras Liturgy

1)     The Zen of “The Omen is good!”
2)     The Tripartite Mystery of the Grove Rite Omen: “At once, it is a... “
(a)   Pronouncement  on the Rite…
(b)   Pronouncement on the Grove… and a
(c)    Pronouncement for the personal use of each individual present
C)    On the AUTHORITY of the Seer’s Interpretation...
1)     The “Too many cooks in the kitchen” – effect
(a)   Some ADF rites employ a “team” of  Seers  (a.k.a. “Stoogeomancy” )
(b)   If the names of the (Runes / Cards, etc.) drawn are announced, effect #1. escalates
(c)    CONSIDER making the Seer’s “draw” a sacred-unknown, private to the Seer…
2)     The “Omen” is the Seer’s PRONOUNCEMENT (the Seer’s interpretation: not just their “draw” )


1)     to be quick and efficient        (see the rite’s Phase iii power-flow issues)
2)     to be correct
3)     to be communicative, clear and understandable 
4)    to keep records                                                           

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