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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The sanctity returned to us by the reverence we've invested in a spirit, object, place, or calendar date increases with our continued interaction with the object of our veneration. 

I call this "The Sanctity / Veneration Feedback Loop".

The Sanctity/Veneration Feedback Loop is one of the basic principles at work in aesthetics, religion, and personal magic: the more you venerate a principle or object, the more sacred it becomes in turn. Yes, you are the primary arbiter of the sacred and thereby, the holiness of the world is a factor that's largely in your own hands, it's up to you.

The veneration of holy things not only makes them holier to us but it can have a profoundly healing effect on us as well. We do not belittle ourselves by worshiping something, we elevate ourselves in the process… To a Pagan the world is full of things worthy of veneration, not solely the ghosts wrought from a grossly misunderstood book and forced upon them by red-faced men in bespittled pulpits spouting brimstone, politics, and fear.

So, RELAX,  it's really all up to you...

Only you define what “worship” means... 
Just don’t sell yourself short... 

Here's a few models for the terrifying W-word, ranging from the mild to the extreme:

"Worship", defined as...

     Willful remembrance & acknowledgement.

"Worship", defined as...

     Tribute and respectful salutation.

"Worship", defined as...

     Overt acts of veneration of the sacred.

"Worship", defined as...

     A willful act of submission to the sublime
     spiritual aspect(s) of a deity, spirit or thing.


- Earrach, Samhain 2016