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Thursday, March 20, 2014


The MARCH EQUINOX occurs Thursday Mar.20th at 12:57 PM EDT/Eastern 
(11:57 Central; 10:57 Mountain; 9:57 Pacific…)

What’s an EQUINOX?:   
In late March and in late September* every year, we enter the next quarter of the year as the Earth’s terminator, the boundary line between night and day, crosses the North and South Poles simultaneously. Therefore, with the Earth’s day/night boundary line briefly poised over both poles, only at these times of year are the hours of night and day approximately equal, anywhere on the globe.

Yes, more and more Neopagans celebrate the March Equinox as the Pagan “EASTRE” and, IMO,  we should all give consideration to adopting/reclaiming the word and common pronunciation.  

FUZZY LOGIC solves the endless dispute over “when” a season begins or ends !

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