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Friday, May 7, 2010

First Entry at TBOS

Ok then, let's see how this works out as a means to posting all my stuff...
Here's some of my SAMPLE TEXT:


We are the authors of Memory…

We are all familiar with George Santayana’s famous quote, 
Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” 
Well, in our business we actually seek to reap blessings from exploring the flip side of that principle: by, in degree, repeating the past we hope to learn from it...

So, you ask, why do we do it?  Well, for what it's worth... years ago (1996?) I wrote an essay for our grove’s newsletter I had called "WHY DO WE DRUID?" It's available on the ADF website at: 
- and also there's a slightly improved/further-edited version at:

In this essay I suggest...

1.) For us, Mircea Eliade's  "Reconstructing the Cosmos" is more than a metaphor

2.) Pragmatic spirituality requires a brutal degree of self honesty, perhaps more than some of us can muster.

3.) Dealing with our "real" spiritual needs calls for more than fantasy role playing. Our true needs are about who we really are, not whom we'd like to be or would like to be thought-of as being.

4.) Participating in a ritualized annual cycle, periodically returning to the fundamentals of a religious scheme founded PRIMARILY upon Nature and annual/seasonal-factors is ESSENTIAL to a religious society like ours.


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