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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Capital Offense?

On Wikipedia you'll find my commentary on the "Discussion" pages of articles like "Solstice" and "Equinox", "Coligny Calendar", "Welsh Mythology" and a number of others others. On the Solstice discussion page recently, I found the following comment by another contributor: 

"I don't believe solstice (or summer solstice or winter solstice) should be capitalized—it's not capitalized in Britannica or Merriam-Webster)—and so I am lowercasing it in this article."

In response, I wrote:
I believe that they would be lower case when used as scientific terms but if they were being used as the direct titles for religious holy-days they should be capitalized. Such editors' conventions have not yet caught up with the times: "Then there is the solstice in June when I join the other Druids at Stonehenge for our Summer Solstice observance."

Rejecting that as "wrong" simply perpetuates the prevailing religious chauvinism that leaves us with sentences like the following:

"Jesus turned His face to the setting sun while behind Him the moon was already above the earth's eastern horizon."


Yes, in their infinite wisdom, contemporary editors don't even allow the earth, the sun and the moon their capital letters... Jumping jehova, the nerve of them !

And you just -know- that Britannica and Merriam-Webster would render my Jesus-sentence exactly as I typed it above (they wouldn't dare to offend the christians... oops, "Christians") - Silly druid (Hey! Wait a minute...).

Sigh.    - E.

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