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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Neopaganism and Belief

So, you or someone you know, is a "pagan"? 

Does it seem that other people who refer to themselves as Pagans share some of your beliefs but oddly, not all, maybe not even "most"? Perhaps you consider your "paganism" largely unique and unlike that of the others who use the term?

Outside of the sociological umbrella-term Neopaganism, the rest of the world seems to define religion using terms like "faith", "doctrine", and most fundamentally so, "belief".

Where exactly do your views fall in the spectrum of "belief"?
Why is it that Neopagans are so hard to pin-down on such issues?

About five years ago I started pulling together a series of articles and point-sheets I had published in my grove's newsletter exploring these questions. 

This grew eventually into a booklet...

The collection of essays is HERE.

- Happy October !     - E.

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