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Monday, December 3, 2012

YULETIDE, fundamentally?

What do I consider are fundamental thematic factors one should review and consider for inclusion when constructing a Yule rite for groups of Neopagans of mixed hearth-cultures ?

1.) The Mothers' Night
The great pagan vigil attributed by the Venerable Bede as having been held "all night" on the eve of the December Solstice by the pagan British peoples.

2.) The Sun Itself - at December Solstice
This year the Solstice will have occurred at 6:12 AM Eastern on Friday December 21st (2012) with the Sun reaching its very lowest course and, consequentially, passing through the sacred annual mystery of the “Great Moment of Turning"… 
( Dec. Solstice 2013 ? = Sat. Dec 21st, 12:11 PM, EST)

3.) The Feast of the Year’s Turning         
From the Anglo Saxon Giuli  = "wheel", or what a wheel does 
( “turning”; per Bede, the day of “turning back” ).

4.) The Twelve Nights of the Year's Turning:
When we count we find there are 12 nights from 
Mothers Night to New Years Eve… 

The Fractal Mystery of our twelvefold procession through 

this sacred corridor, this Year Between the Years...

5.) The Feast of the Returning Light;
     Dies Natis Solis Invicti ("The Birthday of the Invincible Sun"):

6.) The Feast of the Spirit of the Yule ;
     The Three Faces of the Old Man at the End of the Year...
(a.) The Challenger / Guardian of the Mysteries
      Svarte Piet; Krampus; Schmutzli; Black Peter
(b.)  The Great Underworldly Gift-Giver
      Cernunnos; Dis Pater; Julfather; Santa
(c.) Old Man of the Year
     Pater Satvrnvs (hence “The Saturnalia”); Father Time

Most of the above are already deeply structured into the Yuletide / Year-End Holidays celebration most of us have been celebrating all of our lives, independent of terms like Christian, Pagan, or Hearth-Culture.

So, when you have ALL OF THAT to work with, some of you paganfolk still think that calling on some single hearth-culture deity and spilling some dollops of oil on the fire for them, or getting yourselves plastered making rounds of sumbel-toasts is an adequate ritual expression of this awesome array of religious mysteries for your community?


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  1. Thanks for keeping my clock set.
    Big wheel keep on turning, proud Merry keep on burning........rolling .....rolling.....rolling on the river........woo-hooo--hoooo---hoo
    Happy Soul-stice Brother!

  2. Mothers Night brings the True Bearer of Gifts into what being born means.... Thanks.
    Funny that Druids get associated with Henge and not Hinge.
    Happy New Year!