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Saturday, June 25, 2016

BRYAN PERRIN This is Why You Should Know Who He Is

Bryan's Blog...
Bryan's ADF Grove...

BTW,    Bryan is a professional artist and holds copyright on all of his works, so please don't repost his work without his express permission.  -earrach

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  1. Thanks!
    I"m wondering about a primal relationship of offering not being the material substance, as much as the act of presentation, Is it the framing of subject and object that share meaning? the communicative elements that speak to us from the works of another.
    What a blessing to be inspired, stimulated, nourished and delighted by your Spiritual sharing !
    My Mother has been breaking Sticks!
    Funny thing about Media- communication- audience, and the presentation, offering thing.
    The photo taken by My Wife, with her smart phone, on the back deck, and instantaneously sent to you.
    I appear nearly naked , outside, my form framed by little back ground,save the border Trees saved.
    The painting in the making held in front of Me.
    Clothed in My Work. I am wearing glasses, to better
    see the insides of things, appreciate what is real within.What is on my mind, held in my hands , My signature below the roots of the incomplete border work, in front of My Private Parts! Reproduction rights and Cosmic Tree- Inside- Outside , You and Me! Microcosm- Macrocosm ,woop- de -do, It ain't about about who sees it, it's what you do!