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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sovereignty, the Goddess of the Landscape and the Rites of Lughnassadh

Like the golden down on the curve of Her hip,
the Lay of the Land now bristles densely and ripe with endless fields of grain.

We are deep in August.

The tide of summer has turned and the harvest is under way. By now, as in tens of thousands of summers past, the scythe is swung and the stem is severed; some to feed us, and some to put in store that the harvests will continue in fields yet unsown.

That work, our work, and your work is part of a continual ritual of the centuries from which we cannot escape, nor should we. Our partner in that process, the Land, has been recognized in many ways through the centuries and there are a number of great sacred symbols of that ancient but continuous relationship to be recognized and carried forward to future generations. That is where we come in, as stewards of that process, the sacred Chain of Tradition must be continued...

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