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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Druids' ALMANAC, 2012

(NOTE: the 2014 Druid's Almanac is up and can be found HERE instead)

The WHEEL of the YEAR,  2012...
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ALERT: CORRECTED VERSION (v1.02) now displayed above and below; 
a pair of typos were discovered on Jan12, 7pm Eastern
(Lughnasa time and AutEqx date on previous post were incorrect )

Please help me proofread this page; alert me to any typos you find asap.  Thanks, E.

The Book of Sassafras 
DRUIDS' ALMANAC Miscellany...
The full series of Druid Almanac charts, essays and resources is found



  1. Thank you for posting this!!!

    it is extremely helpful!

    1. I have it hanging in my cube at work. :)

  2. Thanks for this! It's always nice to know the astrological cross-quarters as well as the traditional calendar ones.

  3. Thanks for this. On the second chart for the Samhain entry, you have it reading, "Tues. 6th" for the date. I'm guessing it should say "Nov. 6th" there. All the best.

  4. Thanks so much for the heads-up, AW; I'll fix that asap. Gotta figure a better way to recruit proofreaders before I post this stuff. I put so much work into it and it's so traumatic when I post it and find out later that I screwed up. - EoP